British Home Secretary Targets Sham Weddings

It’s a known secret that many unprincipled immigrants indulge in dishonest practices to gain entry into a nation with the help of equally, if not more, unscrupulous immigration & visa agents. Via fake marriages, a large number of such people get a visa to their dream destination. Much like several leading overseas destinations, the United Kingdom is also a victim of such fraudulent practices on the part of such immigrants and visa agents.


The UK, however, seems to have decided to control and end this practice. Maybe, that’s why the incumbent British Home Secretary–as suggested by certain reports–has made public a crackdown on fraudulent weddings. In this context, Theresa May, the minister, was quoted as saying that she will ntly permitted to put down roots in the country.


Meanwhile, although the opposition has hailed the possible amendment to the marriage decree, it has criticized the minister for her alleged misadministration of the UKBA.


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