Benefits of Australian Permanent Resident visa to Accountant

A person having the qualification of accountant or auditor can apply for Australian Permanent Residency through the subclass 190 or 189. One can apply Australian Permanent Resident visa on the basis of qualification as well as experience. With a simple process without a sponsoring employer or without convincing the current employer to sponsor one can get the visa.

For 189, 190 and 489 visas there are some eligibility requirements. The immigrant must be under age of 50. For an eligible occupation the person must have obtained positive skills assessment.  There must be accuracy and fluency in English Language. The points score should be at least 60. The person should meet the health requirements and must bear good moral character.

The sub class 189 visa and 190 visas are for points tested skilled workers. These workers are neither sponsored by any employer or family member nor nominated by a territory or state government. The 189 sub class visa allows the person to stay and work in Australia as a permanent resident. To be eligible for this visa the person must be invited and must require different more criteria’s. The person must also have nominated an occupation and that occupation must be on the relevant skilled occupation list. The person must have obtained a suitable skill assessment for that occupation. Based on the factors in the points test he must have achieved the score specified in the letter of invitation. For 190 visas the person must have been nominated by an Australian territory or state government agency.

A person having Australian Permanent Resident visa gets many benefits. They can travel to and from Australia indefinitely. They get unlimited freedom to pursue higher education. They can work in any occupation except armed forces and public service. They have access to healthcare and have the privilege to sponsor their parents/spouse into the country for a permanent resident visa. The child born in Australia automatically becomes the citizen of Australia. A person having Australian Permanent Resident Visas become eligible to apply for an Australian citizens and can enjoy more benefits compared to the permanent resident visa such as the right to the lands and voting rights as well. After two years of getting the Australian Permanent Resident visa a person gets access to social securities. Sickness, unemployment benefits and student benefits also becomes available after that.

To obtain positive skill assessment of Accountant for the ANZSCO-221111, the mandatory subjects are Financial Accounting, Management Accounting, Accounting Theory and Accounting Systems and Processes. The optional subjects for that are Finance, Commercial Law, Auditing, Quantitative Methods, Economics, Information Systems Design and Development, Company and Taxation Law. One has to complete an academic IELTS examination and must score at least 7 in each of the four test components. Thus English language is required. Abhinav, the immigration and visa experts helps the global accountants with the difficulties, they face to get Australian Permanent Resident visa and avail all the benefits of Australia.

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