Skilled Independent (Sub-Class 189) Visa

This visa is meant for the professionals and trades persons willing to apply under independent stream of skilled immigration to Australia. This visa is available only by invitation.

STEP 1: Expression of Interest

The process for this visa section starts with submission of expression of interest – EOI in skill select platform.

Australia PR

To be eligible for applying under this subclass of visa you must be

  • Working in occupation indicated in SOL
  • Score a minimum of 60 points in the point based assessment
  • Been invited to file for visa
  • Less than 50 years
  • Having accredited and evaluated credentials from the designated evaluation authority
  • Having certified English proficiency (IELTS)
  • Meeting minimum health standards as per Australian definitions
  • Having a clean background

Salient features of this visa classification include

  • No requirement of arranged employment under the ENS or nomination by an province of Australia
  • You will be able to live and work anywhere in Australia and permanently
  • Facilitation for inclusion of certain family members in visa application
  • You will have an unrestricted freedom to study in country
  • It will be possible for you to avail some categories social security grants (waiting periods applicable)
  • You will be able to register for Medicare facilities
  • Eligibility for citizenship after fulfilling the permanent residence condition

Skilled – Nominated (Sub-class 190) visa

This visa is for the aspirants sponsored by a state/province of Australia.

The first step to avail such a visa is to create a profile on skill select platform through expression of interest – EOI. The EOI will be created in accordance with the availability of the trade in skilled occupation list – SOL. This category relies on nomination by an Australian state for a particular trade. You can file EOI application with valid and positive skills assessment and required IELTS score.

There are certain prerequisites that you must meet before filing for visa under this classification. You must

  • Be sponsored by a state for an occupation in SOL
  • Have a certified minimum level of English linguistic skills (IELTS)
  • Be working in an occupation indicated in SOL
  • Have skills evaluated from a designated evaluation agency in premise of your profession
  • Be under 50 years
  • Attain a minimum score of 60 points in point based assessment
  • Satisfy minimum health requirements as per Australian standards
  • Have a clean background

Moreover it will be obligatory for you to

  • Live and work in state sponsoring your visa for a minimum term of 24 months
  • Furnish you updated address and residence details to state authorities
  • Participate in surveys and furnish required inputs from time to time
  • Submit an EOI

Salient features of this classification include

  • Be able to live and work permanently in Australia
  • Have an unrestricted access to educational facilities
  • Have permission to       register for Medicare       facilities and some       social securities grants       (waiting period applicable)
  • Be able to nominate certain family members in application for visa
  • Be able to sponsor relatives for permanent residence
  • Apply for citizenship after fulfilling the requisites or permanent residence as permanent resident and be a citizen at a later stage
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