Migration, nowadays migration rate has increased a lot. People are migrating to different countries on a large rate. Australia, U.S, UK, Canada is some of the favorite spot for immigration, no matter who they are businessman, engineers, doctors, skilled workers, students and etc. everybody wants to immigrate. Especially in countries like Australia.

Australian immigration skills in demand list which is known as Migration Occupation in Demand List (MODL) listed those specializations and occupations identified by DEEWR- The Department of Education, Employment and Workplace Relation that were short in supply.

The Migration occupation in demand list was basically introduced to target the GSM (General Skilled Migration) to the applicants who has skills in particular occupation and specialization in short supply of Australia. The purpose and role of MODL is in targeting skills need in General Skilled Migration program, basically to complement the tertiary qualified Australian supply.

If applicant is eligible for migration occupation in demand list and the nominated occupation is on the list (MODL) at the time of application is lodged, applicant will be eligible for job offer/occupation in demand points in GSM- general skilled migration test. Applicant will receive extra points if the job offers is from suitable employer of Australia.

A suitable employer of Australia is the one who has employed for at least 10 people on full time basis for the previous 2 financial years. If applicant is intended to claim for job offer/occupation in demand, then he/she is required to submit documentary evidence that his/her proposed employer meets the requirements.

Australian Immigration Skills inDemand List 2013 enlist the occupations that are currently high in demand. If applicants’ occupation is listed in MODL then he/she can claim extra points and visa

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  1. sir i wantto know the austtralia process

  2. Sir
    I am an Operation Theatre Technician from India My occupation is in CSOL list (anzsco code 311214).I want to migrate to Australia.My qualifications and experience have been assessed by VETASSESS with positive outcome.I have already through with the IELTS exam. I hope i will get 7 Band in each medual.
    i would be most grateful if you can guide me where should i apply to get immigration invitation.In addition to that what are the other Visa options for me. How can I get state or teritary sponsership. furthermore How much time it will take to get a invitaion from state or teritary government.
    i am looking forward for a positive comments.
    yours sincerely
    Dev Raj Daroch

  3. Dear Dev Raj,

    Kindly send us your details with VETASSESS approval at and we shall guide you further.

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