Australia Immigration Visa SkillSelect Program July 2012

Australia Immigration Visa SkillSelect Program July 2012 can be termed as radical and in fact a flight away from the conventional migration programs and policies being followed world over. What do we generally associate with request to gain entry into a country on basis of skilled migration? It is long queues and an endless wait through months before you hear any news about the process of your application. It is natural because the most of the prevalent systems are actually reactive rather than being proactive. The initial assessment and processing often consumes considerable time which contributes to piling up of files that are waiting for decision.

By the time the in taken files are opened for assessment there can be considerable changes in prevalent applicable law provision and also in the applicant’s situation. These changing aspects make it necessary for the authorities and concerned migration departments to call for a review of situation and often the applicants are asked to furnish additional information. This activity and addition to steps add up to time and slows down the whole migration process.

This quoted situation held true even in the Aussie context which was actually coupled with slow moving and over weighing juggernaut of laws and provisions which hindered and meticulously crushed all initiatives of delivering rapid decisions to applicants. This in turn adversely effected various employment giving sectors which were always in dire need of trained manpower essential to their performance.

This all has changed and SkillSelect Program July 2012 has come in with an air of change. The program can be termed as a proactive scheme that is backed by powerful legislation and enterprising amendments in basic structure of Australian migration statutes.

The system incorporates an interactive platform which functions independently and intelligently. This platform is also equipped with several sub processes which give it an inherent advantage of speedy processing and implementation.

The onus of furnishing up-to-date data has been rested completely on the aspiring migrants and is collected from them at the very initial stage of request registering process. The basic element of this system is a digital profile which is also termed and an intent document – EOI of an applicant willing to relocate down under.

The initial stage sans human participation and the information collected is processed automatically by the automated system. The digital profiles are allowed to be created without any charge or levy of any kind and can be stored upto a maximum period of 2 years or to extent of 2 offers for applying for residence permission (provisional of permanent depending on program chosen). There one more crucial aspect to this system that it does not invite and acknowledge requests that cannot be linked to professions listed in required trades list – SOL.

The Australia Immigration SkillSelect Visa Program offers an incomparable flexibility of additions and modifications. The schemes can be updated and upgraded through necessary amendments whenever deemed to be

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