Australia Immigration Programmes Easy To Follow

Australia has broken the old norm that the cut-off and isolated destinations of the world cannot do extremely well on the international stage and draw visitors from all over the world. The growing number of visitors to the place testifies that Oz rocks and enjoys a prominent place on the radar of the global migrants.

But then Down Under has done more than this. It has left behind many well developed countries in the domain of immigration and overseas movement. As per some observers on the issue, it is one of the most peaceful and developed global economies. It enjoys widespread popularity and is extremely famous among the prospective immigrants cutting across different nationalities and ethnicities.

Courtesy its impressive economic growth and standing on the global map, a large number of people wish to immigrate to it and be a part of the thriving economy that the country is.

Immigration Programmes for Australia

If you wish to immigrate to the country, you have plenty of attractive options to choose from. If you are an investor or a businessman, you have a separate visa category for you. If you are a student, you can make use of the Student Visa Stream. In case you are a tourist and wish to move to the country and explore its tourist spots, you can apply for a Tourist Visa.

As mentioned just now, Canberra runs several striking, easy-to-follow visa and immigration programmes, to draw visitors under a variety of classes. Various Australia Immigration Programmes, run and managed by the department of immigration and border protection, the apex government body regulating the visa and immigration process for the nation, are duly designed keeping in mind the nation’s specific economic requirements and the different kinds of job vacancies in the local job market.

The Skilled Occupation Lists (SOLs) brought out from time-to-time mention the various professions in demand in the country even while the aspirants, having the necessary skills and qualifications, can successfully apply and move to the country riding high on the wings of their in-demand skills.

Skilled Migration Visas

These offer one of the finest opportunities for trained manpower to reside and do a job in the nation. Through the popular and the widely accepted Australian General Skilled Migration (GSM) Programme, qualified migrant & skilled worker candidates may utilize their credentials/ qualifications, employment experience, and language skills to fulfill the laid down immigration conditions for the prized and the much sought after permanent visa.

Way back during 2012, the DIBP introduced a fresh skilled worker scheme, known as the Skilled Migrant Selection Register, called SkillSelect. With a view to submit an application, the aspirants require presenting an Expression of Interest (EOI).

SkillSelect will perform as a fully electronic two-stage procedure where the future visa candidates in the beginning present a claim for skilled movement, via an online EOI. After the same, candidates may be sent an invite to put forward a petition for Australia Visa on the ground of their EOI.

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