Australia business programs sub class 188

The applicant who wants to makes immigration to Australia as a business person needs to apply under the Australia business programs sub class 188 the investor and business owner. It is a visa that is valid for time duration of 4 years.

The applicant who have applied as a Australian business and gets the valid visa then they can also apply for the permanent residency in respect to the visa sub class 188 for the Investment residency and Business Innovation. The visa duration is for 4 years and can be extended for 2 more years from the issued date if it is made under the section 188. The applicant can apply successfully by holding any one of the visa under the category A, B or C and these application can be now stiffed online also under the skill select migration system. This visa is made for the applicants who are chosen by the government Australia.

The applicant who needs to migrate has to complete the following criteria as per the section 188:

  • The applicant must be nominated either by the territory or the state government
  • The applicant must have received the invitation for application through the skill select
  • The applicant must be aged below 55 years so, that the economy of Australia can be benefited
  • The minimum pass mark i.e. 65 must be obtained by the applicant for the business investment program.
  • The past record of the applicant must be successful for the business.

The candidate who owns a business and has planned to take a new business under operation in Australia they have to own the business with the turnover of not less than 500000 AUD in the past 4 fiscal years and must have an asset of 800000 AUD. The applicants who can invest around 1.5 million of AUD are welcomed by the Australia business programs sub class 188.

Under the Investor Stream, along with the 2.25 million AUD assets, enough funds for investment there must be an experience of 3 years with the high skill of management. The applicant must have operated with a holding of 10% shares and have an eligibility of making the required investment this eligibility includes the ownership interests in a business, Cash on deposit, Stocks or bonds, Real estate, Gold or bullion and Loan to the business.

There are a large number of different migration categories that are need to be qualified and is an extreme complex task. To make a proper business decision one can make a consult with the migration agent as they can guide properly for the proper decision in determining the available business migration categories. The available number of websites can make guidance for booking the consultancies at an affordable price. The provided assistance and eligibility for the migration can be best decided by the migration agents.

Australia is a best place for making the investment and especially for the business purpose as the maximum return on investment is provided. The applicant also needs not to invest too much fund. If you are looking for investment then Australia is the perfect choice.



Australia business programs sub class 188 invites the customers to get registers under the business investor program. For migration the applicant can take the guidance of the agent and needs to fulfill the basic requirement like experience of managing the business, sufficient amount of asset and investment and must be aged not more than 55 years.

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