Attention Software Engineers, Get PR Visa Services!

IT boom is a storm that has taken the US by surprise and the trends are also dominating Canada. Hence, if you are a skilled Software Engineer and with considerable experience, you can make the most happen in Canada.

But immigration to the nation is not such an easy pursuit; you will have to get the best immigration consultant to help get everything streamlined in the best way. If you are availing an immigration consultant, you will make the most happen in the first place. Now, as a matter of fact, if you are going for immigration consultants, they have the experience and expertise to help make a difference in the best way.

As a matter of fact, for Software Engineers to get PR Visa services in Canada is not a challenging job. As per the industrial insights, if you take a brief look, it will surprise you in the first place but the demand for these professionals has risen from 2006, and it has reached 53% in particular.

So, to get a job in this field is not a tough ballgame anymore. You can easily get a job under this category, but the most striking challenge to watch out for is that you must have the best immigration agents to help you traverse through all odds, and reach the point of success.

The probability of getting Permanent Residency (PR) also multiplies manifolds when you have a job and PR is also in the picture easily after finding the job. The starting salary of Software Engineers is also excellent in Canada. Take a look at the province wise breakup of the salary that is offered in the first place.

  • Toronto: $62,837
  • Montreal: $63,079
  • Vancouver: $66,469
  • Edmonton: $54,418
  • Calgary: $64,871

Hence, if you are able to make it to these regions, you will be able to get these salaries in the first place. At the same time, under the Federal Skilled Workers Programme (FSWP), you can get PR Visa as 24 occupations have been included in the list, and Computer Engineers and Programmers are the ones that have found the place.

In case you are looking forward to PR status, you will have to apply under the Express Entry programme. The probability of movement is immense if you are under the programme. The basic reason that this happens at a fast pace is because you get points based on the skills and expertise that you carry, and the immigration authorities ensure that the best are able to get the PR status.

In most cases, if you have lived for a considerable period, you can apply for PR Visa and the services that you have delivered as Software Engineer will play a vital role in determining that whether you are an eligible candidate. If you have 1.5 years of experience, you can definitely make the PR happen in the first place.

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