Attention Early Childhood Educators! Canada FSW Program Wants You!

Canada Federal Skilled Worker Program is a rather accepted scheme even as it allows skilled professionals to apply for the prized Canadian Permanent Residency (PR). The program does not require the applicants to be armed by lucrative Canadian job offer, or any close relative or friend in the country.

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opportunities for creative expression, through the media of art, dramatic play, music and physical fitness, and taking the children to local points of interest.

  • Guide and assist children in the development of proper eating, dressing and toilet habits, and observe children for signs of learning disabilities or emotional problems, and take appropriate action.
  • Evaluate the expertise, capabilities, interests and requirements of kids, and discuss the development of children with parents and other staff members.
  • Start and maintain collaborative relationships with other community service providers working with children and take part in the meetings & workshops, to develop and talk about the latest teaching methods.
  • Plan and categorize activities for school-age children in child-care schemes prior to and after regular school hours. They may also administer and co-ordinate the doings of other Early Childhood Educators & Early Childhood Educator Assistants.
  • Key Requirements

    The aspirants for the job require a graduate, post graduate degree or diploma in Early Childhood Education. Progress to senior positions–such as day-care supervisor–is possible only with time and relevant experience.

    Under the FSW Program, the applicants are assessed on the basis of point based system emphasizing on five main factors i.e. age, education qualification, adaptability, arranged job and language proficiency. Key requirements remain 1 year work experience and language proficiency in either English or French. To make the cut, the applicant needs to score 67 points out of 100.

    Coming back to the issue under discussion, since not more than 1000 lucky candidates will be able to make the grade, via the given profession, the candidates are advised to kick-start the visa and immigration process TODAY.

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