Attention 4011 University Professors and Lecturers! Get Canada PR Migration Services

It’s now well known that the demand of skilled University Professors and Lecturers is much high in Canada at the present. Trained aspirants can migrate to the nation using the Code 4011. Getting a PR Visa for Canada is recommended. But you need to get professional PR migration services in order to render your professional services in the country, on a permanent basis.

But why seek and get a PR Visa? Well, in the country, permanent residents can live and work indefinitely but they remain the citizens of their native countries. If you travel outside Canada, the Permanent Resident Card is your proof that you are a permanent resident of the Maple Leaf Country.

You will need this card to re-enter the country. Coming back to the question, as a permanent resident, you can enjoy the social rights enjoyed by the Canadian citizens, like; for instance, healthcare benefits, live and work anywhere in Canada, apply for Canadian citizenship, and also get protection under the Canadian law.

As a permanent resident, it is essential that you live in Canada for a fixed period of two years in a five years period–and if you live outside the nation for a longer period–you may lose your permanent resident status. If, as a permanent resident, you have lived in Canada for maximum three years, then you can successfully submit an application for Canadian citizenship.

PR Benefits

Now let’s take a look at the PR Visa advantages in detail! Following are the benefits, post migration University Professors and Lecturers – 4011 enjoy under the PR Permit for rending their professional Services:

I. Unrestricted and indefinite residency option and bright prospects of future Canadian citizenship.

II. Freedom to live and work anywhere within Canadian province/territory.

III. Applicant, along with his family members, gets an opportunity to enjoy the high standard of living and access world class social benefits.

IV. You may take a trip to the US on the existing permit.

V. Kids of the aspirants benefit from subsidized education till the University level.

VI. Candidate can make use of Canadian financial and banking system for the expansion of his business operations or make personal use.

VII. He can take advantage of NAFTA and advance his business in North America as well.

VIII. Candidates can access the financed and well developed medical facilities for his family members.

It’s a known fact that obtaining a PR visa is not any easy task. Many professional consultants offer their services to help you live your dream in reality. They technically evaluate the credentials of the applicants who want to migrate to the Maple Leaf Country. Although, it’s not mandatory to consult one, but an expertise help always prove beneficial in long term.

Key Duties

Once you have obtained a PR Permit and migrate to Canada under the code 4011, you are expected to perform the tasks:

I. Teach one or more subjects to undergraduate as well as graduate students.

II. Get ready and deliver lectures to students and carry out laboratory sessions.

III. Direct and grade examines and laboratory assignments.

IV. Give advice to students on course and career decisions.

V. Direct research schemes of the graduate students and advise on the research issues.

VI. Represent their college/university as speakers or guest lecturers.

Attention everyone, some of the areas where you occupation is in demand is Winnipeg, Ottawa, Toronto, Kingston, Edmonton, Halifax and Moncton etc! So what are you waiting for? Since the future prospects of these professionals are bright in Canada the time seems to be just ideal for you. Kick start you migration process at the earliest. And before one forgets, seek and get professional PR migration services from skilled & experienced advisers. Boost your chances of being accepted for a PR Permit.

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  1. Have completed my masters degree in mathematics and have 8 yrs of teaching experience and also having more than 5 yrs of IT industry experience….Could you please advise me to immigrate to canada.


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