Attention 2173 Software Engineers and Designers, Canada Immigration Beckons You

In the 21st century, the profession for Software Engineers and Designers is regarded very important and lucrative, even as it has grown at a rather fast rate. And the specialists, involved with the line-of-work, are offered a high salary, and are in high demand in almost every part of the world with Canada being no exception.

Today, the scope of these experts has spread from computer operating systems to video games. These days, many of the technologies, that we rely upon, are supported by software. These professionals either specialize in computer software applications or computer software systems. To grow, it is necessary for these professionals to keep themselves fully updated with the latest updates because technology constantly evolves.

The remarkable thing is that job-opportunities for such professionals have grown much rapidly than the ones found in other occupations. In many countries, they are required in impressive numbers, and, as mentioned before, the Maple Leaf Country is no exception.

Most of the people are well aware about the country’s background. The famous immigration hotspot has been ranked as one of the finest nations globally. Coming back to the key issue at hand, trained Software Engineers and Designers–who are motivated towards Canada Immigration–can easily do so using the 2173 Code.

Job Profile

These specialists are involved with designing, studying, appraising, integrating & maintaining software applications, technical settings, operating systems, embedded software, telecommunications software and information warehouses. The services of these experts are required in various sectors; for instance, Information Technology (IT) research and development groups, IT consulting organizations, and IT units–both in the private and public sectors. They also have an option of being self-employed.

Key Requirements

Software Engineers and Designers 2173 motivated with Canada immigration should have following credentials:

Either a Bachelor’s Degree, in computer science, software engineering, computer systems engineering or mathematics for high designation either a doctoral or master’s degree in an associated subject is required. In order to approve engineering drawings & reports–and also to do a job as a Professional Engineer–you are required to obtain a license by a provincial or territorial association of the Professional Engineers.

Major Responsibilities

In the ‘Land of Milk and Honey’ these experts are expected to perform following responsibilities:

1. Design, build-up and synchronize the development and installation of the computer-based systems and make an inventory of users requirements and build-up logical and physical specifications.

2. Lead and organize the team of information systems experts in the development of software and integrated information systems, process control software and other embedded software control systems.

3. Perform research and appraise the technical information with a view to develop, design and test the computer-based systems and maintain statistics, process and network models with a view to optimize the architecture and assess the show of the designs.

Professional Titles

Some given titles to these professionals are as follows:-

  • application architect
  • artificial intelligence (AI) designer
  • artificial intelligence designer
  • computer applications engineer
  • computer software engineer
  • computer telecommunications software specialist
  • design engineer, software
  • designer, software
  • embedded software engineer
  • engineer, software
  • simulation software design engineer
  • software architect
  • software design engineer
  • systems designer – software
  • systems engineer – software
  • systems integration engineer – software
  • technical architect – software
  • telecommunications software engineer
  • telecommunications software specialist
  • test engineer, software
  • testing engineer, software

Scope in Canada

Skilled Software Engineers and Designers need not worry about their job prospects in Canada as the future has a lot to offer to them. Some trade analysts believe that the demand for such specialists is likely to increase at a much faster pace. But their job, at times, may ask for long working hours and tight deadlines. In this backdrop, if you are ready to give more than 100%, Canada is more than ready to give a red-carpet welcome to you.

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