Aspirants Involved In Bogus Weddings Will Be Denied Canada Permanent Resident Card

Residing in Canada certainly sounds really wonderful. However, do you possess the correct documents? Without a doubt, getting Canada Permit may not a cakewalk. One can submit a petition for Canada Visa either online or via a professional visa agent. The official Canadian embassy website proffers additional support and help on the process to submit an application online.

Canada Immigration Visa Online
Canada Immigration Visa Online

Permit through Sponsor

If you are legally wedded, and your better half stays in the Maple Leaf Country, then you can reside in the nation with your spouse being your sponsor. Your petition will be duly considered for the Permanent Resident (PR) Card conditionally, in case you have been residing with your sponsor for two years and above. After you have received your PR Card, your immigration position in the country will be pretty safe.

However, this also necessitates that the wedding has to be a real one and not a fake one. In case in between the time period of the conditional two years, you are being exploited, or you are subjected to any kind of trouble, and so you are not in a position to stay with your sponsor, do not leave your sponsor, but check with a Canadian immigration attorney at once for further help and guidance.

No More Forged Bills, Documents

Getting visa from the Maple Leaf Country involves a thorough examination by the nation’s embassy. Instances of bogus marriage papers being presented, for getting a PR Card in the nation, are widespread even as majority of the tricksters lack proper papers.

And, they tend to submit an application for visa, via presenting phony marriage papers with a person staying in the Maple Leaf Country as their sponsor. If the embassy learns that the matrimony is not genuine, then you could be exiled from the country, and your Canadian immigration may be done away with, even if you may have received your PR Card.

With a view to make the process harder and check cases of malpractices, the concerned officers at the embassy have started to cross check each and every feature related to the marriage–right from the pictures to questioning on each other’s personal particulars.

In addition, laws have been amended to make it stricter, that PR position could be given conditionally in case the couple resides jointly for two or more years, and that the sponsor cannot offer sponsorship to any person for the coming 5 years, from the date of separation from the previous. The same aids to check cases of misconducts.

Avoid Faking Wedding, Submit Application For Job!

In case you are really keen to stay in the overseas hotspot, then wedding is not the only solution. The nation is always open to trained manpower. Canada jobs may proffer you an excellent uplift in your profession and career.

Learn more about employment Canada, and present an application for the one that suits you. Your recruiter/firm will provide you with Work Permit even while you can straight away get in touch with your immigration attorney for aid and guidance.

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