Are You Interested In Australia Immigration Using Skilled Independent (Sub Class 189) Visa?

Australian Government has been revamping its economy and they are working towards bettering it in all respect. The rapid transformation that has been happening in the economy has given more opportunities for jobs and better living standards. The population has been working towards development, and the pursuit requires more capital investment and the government has been rightfully doing that.

But as a matter of fact, the real challenge comes when the right workforce is not there to help meet with the target. The scenario can change only when the right skill meets with the right job opportunities and Australia Immigration Skilled Independent Sub Class 189 Visa could help solve a majority of the problems.

Australia Immigration Skilled Independent (Sub Class 189) Visa

It is given to the immigrants based on the point based system. The system evaluates the efficiency of the immigrant based on a wider gamut of specialization. The visa evaluates the right workforce based on age, English Language ability, Australian work experience, overseas work experience, recognized qualification, designated language, partner skills, state or territory nomination, designated area of sponsorship, and regional study.

After assessing all these parameters, the AZNSCO figures-out the right immigrants who can bring about a change. The point specifications are broken in the given way which is mentioned below. Based on the point which is secured, the immigrants are able to witness the movement.

Category Qualifying Marks
Skilled Independent (Sub Class 189) 60
Skilled Sponsored (Sub Class 190) 60
Skilled-Regional Sponsored (Sub Class 489) 60


So, as an immigrant, if one closely analyzes the visa, then it is seen that 60 marks would be required under the entire immigration visa for movement even as these points are acquired based on the skills which are mentioned below.

Age of the Immigrant in the category Points Awarded
18-24 25 Points
25-32 30 Points
33-39 25 Points
40-44  15 Points
45-49 0 Points


From the given table above, the immigrants, who are applying for the movement, must make sure that they fall in the right age group which is applicable and can help them secure the given marks. If the immigrants fall in the right age group category, it will help them get better opportunities in comparison to the peers. The language proficiency is also a bonus when it comes to the movement, the IELTS points are divided in the manner which is given below.

Rank Points
IELTS Ranking 6 and below 0 Points
Proficiency In English Language-ILETS 7 Bands 10 Points
Proficiency In English Language-ILETS 8 Bands Superior English Level (Unprecedented Skills) 20 Points

If the immigrant has relevant work experience, it will not get unnoticed under Australia Immigration Skilled Independent Sub Class 189 Visa. The work experience will be rewarded in the following fashion.

Category Points
No Australian Work Experience 0 Points
One Year of Australian Work Experience 5 Points
Three Year of Australian Work Experience 10 Points
Five Year of Australian Work Experience 15 Points
Eight Years of Australian Work Experience 20 Points


An immigrant can also make the point’s table tick tock with the right educational qualification and based on the educational qualification they are given the marks.

Educational Qualification Points
No recognized Qualification 0 Points
·         • Offshore recognized apprenticeship

·         • AQFIII/IV completed in Australia

·         • Diploma completed in Australia

10 Points
Bachelors degree with honors and marks 15 Points
PhD 20 Points


Record of Australian Qualification at the time of invitation

Category Points
Unrecognized qualification 0 Points
One or more degree, diploma and trade qualifications which are awarded by Australia. 5 Points
Credential community language qualification 5 Points
Partner Skills 5 Points
Professional Year 5 points
Sponsorship by state and territory 5 Points
Sponsorship by the family 10 Points
Study in regional area

These parameters based on which the immigrants are assessed and rightfully they are given the chance to immigrate ensures that immigration can be streamlined effectively. And if one is looking for the Australia immigration through Skilled Independent Sub Class 189 Visa category, they must score the highest points based on all the above mentioned categories for facilitating the movement.

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