Are You Aeronautical Engineer? Migrate to Australia Under Code 233911!

The widely preferred immigration hotspot of Australia, as it is too well-known, has an open and flexible permit policy. Its doors are wide open for the aspirants from practically all age, religious, racial, and vocational groups. Whatever could be the dream of a person, if he fulfills the le who give a nation the much needed competitive edge in the world.

Perhaps, this is the key reason why from time-to-time Canberra brings-out its skilled lists to express its official requirements of the trained individuals from various vocations. These lists inform those, who are trained and inspired with Australia immigration, to kick-start the skilled permit process for immigration to the country, via expressing an interest in the same, through the prescribed official channel of SkillSelect.

Talking of skilled lists, at the present, Down Under has made public some skilled lists wherein one may find several in-demand professions. Reportedly, among others, qualified Aeronautical Engineers are wanted in the country even as their line-of–work is mentioned under the Code 233911.

The profession is on these skills lists, namely, RSMS Occupations List, Skilled Occupations List (SOL), Labour Market Testing Required for 457 List, & Consolidated Sponsored Occupations List. It shows that those people–whose qualifications and backgrounds match the ones given under the given code–can send their Expression of Interest (EoI) and later, if they get a positive response from the concerned officials, submit a petition for a skilled worker permit.

Level of Skill

A significant section of the professions in the said unit bracket have a level of skill which matches a Bachelor Degree or superior credential. In some specific cases, germane experience, besides/or on-the-work training could be expected, apart from the officially prescribed skills (ANZSCO Skill Level 1). There could be a requirement of listing or registration also.


These professionals take home handsome pay-packages, to the tune of AU$66,630 every year. Experience robustly impacts income for the job. Majority of individuals shift to other jobs, in case they possess an experience of over two decades in the domain.

Aeronautical Engineer: Work Profile

These in-demand experts have a rather good work profile. They apply technological & scientific codes to study, plan, maintain, & test the performance of civil and services airplanes, missiles, weapons structures, satellites, not to mention space automobiles. They are also professional involved with the various parts that form the said aircrafts and systems. Their key role is to improve the flight security, energy efficiency, speed & weight.

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