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Australia Permanent Resident VisaAustralia is one of the most sought after overseas destinations in the world, and people from the different parts of the globe,including India, move to it, for a better life and superior wages.

A significant chunk of the aspirants try to get the nation’s Permanent Residency (PR) status, to secure their and their family’s future. To ensure that these people get what they want we have numerous good Australia PR Visa Consultants in India. These Australia PR Visa Consultants in India could be seen offering their professional services from the different key Indian cities and towns.

Coming back to Australia PR,it offers the lucky candidates and their dear and near ones the best possible facilities in one of the most developed global economies. It also puts them on the path to citizenship of the nation. Yes, it is possible to become a citizen of the country after you become a Permanent Resident there in; of course, after you fulfill the compulsory requirements for the Australian citizenship!

In case you happen to be a trained worker in India and want to migrate to Australia with a PR Visa, to begin with, draft expert and experienced Australia PR Visa Consultants in India. These PR Visa Agents in India for Australia will help and guide you get the visa. They will also inform you that you have many easy-to-follow and good PR Visa options and these are the three key ones:

  1. Skilled Independent (Subcategory 189 Visa)

It is an independent visa and you do not need any nomination from a state or sponsorship from any employer in Australia. Close-to 75% of the visas in this class gets processed in just 8 months, while 90% of visas get processed inside a period of 11 months.As per some Australia PR Visa Advisors in India, it is the easiest path to PR in the country.

These Australia PR Visa Consultants in India will inform you that it is basically an Independent Visa and you do not need any Nomination/sponsorship from an Australian recruiter or state. But, it is required that you nominate a profession first from a relevant Skilled Occupation List (SOL) of Oz. It is required that the selected profession matches your specific skills & experience.

  1. State Nominated (Subcategory 190 Visa)

Since it’s a state nominated permanent visa, in order to submit an application for it you need have to get the nomination from a state or territory government agency in Oz. Nearly 75% of the visas in this particular class get processed in just 9 months or so, while the processing for the 90% of the visas is done inside 13 months or so. Check with your Australia PR Visa Consultants in India for more information on the subject!

  1. Employer Nomination Scheme (Subcategory 186 Visa)

Since the ENS is the Employer Sponsored Permanent Visa in order to apply for it you first require getting the employment offer from a recruiter of Down Under. Roughly 75% of the petitions submitted under this class get processed inside 7 months, while 90% of the petitions get processed inside 9 months.

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