Apply For Residency in Canada Utilizing Express Entry System

Canada PR Immigration VisaIf you are keen to become a permanent resident abroad, apply for residency in Canada. No other country in the world can match the charm of the Canadian Permanent Residency for the immigrants from across the globe.

What’s Permanent Residency? Well, it is nothing but a permanent status given to the Canadian non-citizens. If you want to hold the status,you need to pull up your socks.You will be required to meet certain criteria.

You know what–you have certainly landed on the right page as the following article will give you complete detail on how to apply for Residency in Canada.

While most of the mighty western countries–such as the US and the UK–have slowly but gradually started closing their doors for the new immigrants or have imposed tougher immigration conditions,allegedly to protect their people and the nations, it is the Maple Leaf Country that is standing tall and continuing to welcome new immigrants as permanent residents through Express Entry and other similar migration plans run by the Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) and its provincial counterparts.

Express Entry

Through its popular online system, Express Entry, the country continues to enjoy the reputation as the immigrant friendly country in the world.Not just that, the IRCC has lowered the CRS score that makes a large number of candidates eligible for the Invitation to Apply (ITA) for Permanent Residency in the nation.

The recent draw on September 20, 2017, saw the ITA being issued to the candidates with CRS score of 433 or more. In all about 2,871 ITA has been sentto the aspirants and they have been asked apply for the Permanent Visa. The low CRS score has increased the number of the ITA being issued and sent a rather positive message to the immigrants.

Express Entry is one of the many visa pathways that can be used to apply for the prized residency in the overseas hotspot. It was introduced by the IRCC in 2015. Then the IRCC was known as the Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC). It’s an electronic methodology, in practice to screen and select the potential immigrants to immigrate as Canadian permanent residents.

Under Express Entry, the IRCC receives application under numerous easy-to-follow programmes, such as Provincial Nominee Programmes (PNPs), Federal Skilled Workers Programme (FSWP), Canadian Experience Class (CEC), and Federal Skilled Trades Programme (FSTP).

Candidates who apply for Residency in Canada are evaluated through the Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS), and points are assigned for various factors totaling up to 1200 points. Those who are found eligible for one of the country’ economic plans and score well will be given an ITA for obtaining the much desired Permanent Resident Visa.

Express Entry–What To Keep in Mind?

Following are some of the important steps to be considered before you apply for Express Entry

  • Take a language test such as the International English Language Testing system – General Training (IELTS-GT)or the Canadian English Language Proficiency Index Programme – General (CEPLIP-G) exam in order to demonstrate your language proficiency. It’s mandatory and if you do not validate your language proficiency you are not eligible to apply.
  • If you are a CEC candidate, then you must get your educational credentials assessment done beforehand.
  • To prove our financial status you must get a statement of your account. The letter must have the date of account opening and minimum maintenance for the preceding six months.
  • Retrieve documents of your personal details and travel history. The IRCC requires the exact dates of your travel and duration of stay across the world.

Now since you know a great deal about the Canada immigration process and also the different residency schemes up-for-grabs for the object, what are you really waiting for?

Apply for residency in Canada using the information shared here and move to the much loved overseas destination with ease. Sign-up a renowned visa and immigration consultancy TODAY if you haven’t already done that and with its help and guidance crack the Canada residency code!

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