Apply For Canada PR and Migrate to Your Dream Country Successfully

Apply for Canada PR today, and earn a chance of getting a quick pass to this awesome destination. The government of this country has laid several pathways open for access by the probable applicants.

Even though there are several routes that may lead to the grant of permanent residency, most commonly used route to this status is usually through business and skills. Every year an overwhelming number of people place their permanent visa requests, and similarly Canadian authorities grant an ever rising numbers to the successful applicants.

Canadian permanent resident visa and Routes

Briefly put, you could apply for this status on the basis of  following categories:

  • Skilled workers
  • Self employed professionals
  • Businessmen
  • Investors

gulls-540791_1280Of these, skilled worker and investor schemes are available through federal and provincial schemes. You could also apply for immigrating to Quebec through its separate skills and business immigration schemes – those are driven by conditions typical to stipulations established by the government of Quebec.

Check eligibility criteria before homing in

Before you make up your mind on which program would suit your purpose, just ensure that you evaluate yourself in light of the applicable stipulations and formalities, e.g. if you are applying as a skilled worker, you would probably be asked to prove your training and experience in the area of specialization you choose to quote in the application while applying for Canada’s permanent resident visa, since your skills would play a pivotal role in your tryst for migration.

In contrast, if you are applying for business or investor visa, you would be required to substantiate your financial standing along with rest of the criteria listed as mandatory.

But, a typical list of eligibility criteria common to all programs – business, skills and self employed – includes:

  • Age,
  • Education,
  • Work experience,
  • Linguistic skills, and
  • Adaptability

The abovementioned eligibility factors may vary to some extent or to a large extent in different programs. Generally, it is believed that the criteria for the federal programs are all influencing, while those of province based schemes are specific to the state jurisdictions.

So there could be some program waiting for you to go ahead to submit your application for Canadian PR. Just get a free assessment today by filling in free assessment form today.

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