American IT Lobby Group Favors Action on H-1B Permit Reorganization

A well-known organization–which lobbies on the behalf of high-tech businesses in the US–has reportedly urged the American Congress to give its green signal to legislation with a view to swell the figure of the H-1B Permits up for grabs to the US industry. In this connection, a concerned person has done an opinion piece to create awareness about what he terms ‘the H-1B visa crisis’. According to him, the national economy of the US would have generated an extra fresh employment opportunity every 43 seconds only in case the H-1B structure had been improved.

For those not tuned in, these visas enable American job-providers/firms to take up trained overseas employees in specialty professions. At the present, 85,000 H-1B permits are available on a yearly basis. While 65,000 permits are for the workers with Bachelor’s Degrees (or ‘degree equivalence’ wherein an employee has a superior level of expertise obtained from a mixture of training & experience); 20,000 visas can be proffered to the workers with advanced degrees.

H-1B Permits Have Validity of 3 Yrs, But May be Renewed

Though a significant section of the H-1B Permits has a validity of an original three years, it may be suitably renewed one time to not more than six years. While in the US, H-1B Permit holders can–in case they cater to the conditions–file a petition for the Permanent Residence (PR) Permits; in case an H-1B Permit holder has submitted a petition for a PR Visa, his H-1B Permit may be suitably renewed while his submission presented for Green Card is pending. At times, the same may take several years.

The requirement for the H-1Bs is tremendously high even while the figure of petitions gained has far surpassed the volume of visas obtainable every year. This year, the concerned immigration body–i.e., the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS)–started admitting submissions on April 1.

170 Petitions inside 5 Days

Inside just 5 working days, the organization had obtained more than 170,000 submissions, and conducted two lotteries, to dole-out the obtainable permits amongst the candidates.

Allegedly, for every alien employed at a US group, an additional four workers are also added. And some high-qualified experts–like engineers & scientists–generate a very high degree of innovation & work, and due to this, some extra jobs should be produced, to complement & support their endeavors. It is also claimed that the figure of additional jobs suitably fashioned

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