A Brief Look at Canada Expressway Entry Programme

The widely used and much talked about Canada Express Entry Programme(EEP) is one of the promising schemes started by the Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) for all those aspirants who see the country as their new home. The scheme is more exciting, as compared to the earlier Federal Skilled Worker (FSW) Programme.

Immigration through EEP

The scheme holds enticing features that make the maximum number of applicants qualify for the migration process. The process starts with the filing of a petition by the applicant through submitting his credentials. A candidate applies with his acquired skills. As such no specific skill is stated to become eligible for the immigration process.

His credentials are then placed in a pool and from there his application is picked for further processing by the federal and provincial governments along with many Canadian employers. Once the applicant’s application is approved, they are invited to the Maple Leaf Country and asked to apply for the Permanent Residency (PR) of the country.

Chief visa schemes under Express Entry Programme

The Federal Skilled Worker Programme–Under this category, an applicant is judged upon the parameters of the credentials submitted by him. Based upon the information provided by him, he scores some points, and these points decide his success percentage of the immigration process. These judging parameters are his age, educational qualification, work experience, and language proficiency.


Federal Skilled Trades Programme–This is another option available to the applicant for immigration provided he meets its eligibility criteria.

  • The applicant must plan to live outside the Quebec province.
  • He meets eligible criteria for language ability
  • He should have 2 years full time work experience
  • His job requirement should meet the skilled trade mentioned in National Occupational classification (NOC)
  • He should have obtained an offer of full time job from a Canadian employer for at least one year.

Canadian Experience Class–The enticing scheme that was started on January 1, 2015 opens up ways of immigration for experience class as well. To successfully qualify

  • He should possess 12 months of work experience as a skilled trader.
  • He should meet the minimum language requirement.
  • He should plan to live outside Quebec province.

Provincial Nominee Programme–The country comprises of several territories and provinces. For immigration to any specific region, an applicant needs to follow the mentioned route track. Every province follows its own immigration rules and the candidate needs to meet the eligibility criteria of the province he wants to migrate.

Express Entry Programme opens up different ways for migration to the hotspot and get Canada PR. It proffers the aspirants long term work and residence that helps them enjoy multiple benefits of the PR.

Upon entry, the migrant enjoys the freedom of living and working in any province, and he also enjoys the right to sponsor his family members, whereas his family members enjoy the same rights that are enjoyed by the main migrant.

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